New Construction Homes in Central Florida


Why Not Buy New?

There is quite a thrill in picking your colors, options and seeing the house come together as a home. It is one of the joys of building from “dirt”. Picking your lot and your view or simply choosing to buy a house from a builder no one has lived in before, aka an “inventory” home.

Central Florida is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country and Disney World is in the center of it all. The benefit of a new home goes beyond picking and choosing your style but also the energy savings standards which continue to be improved over the years.  Better insulation, roofing, and air conditioning all improving over the years reducing the cost of ownership.

One of the significant improvements came in 2009 when Low-E double pane windows became a building requirement.  These windows will significantly reduce your energy costs and improve the conditions in the home.

When purchasing a resale home, the roof, and air conditioning among other items have a certain lifespan.  New construction allows you to get in at the beginning of the lifespan.

While it is nice to buy new, there are timeframes to consider. Permit approval can take 2-3 months with the county (sometimes more). Depending on the size of the home 4 months to 1 year (and yes, sometimes more). If you  want a
house in a certain area, building a new home might be the way to go.

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Check in with some lenders in the area to assure that you are getting the best rate before buying.


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