How To Sell Your Home In Horizon West, FL Fairly And Fast

Don’t confuse selling your Horizon West home quickly with selling your house for the best price. You have to be prepared to sell a home for the best price, that takes preparation. The most important thing is that it’s ready to be shown and photographed so having the home clean and available is strategically vital. The day you speak to a realtor should also be the day the home is ready to be photographed. Very often, to the detriment of a home sale, the listing agent will take one photo of the front of the house and then say “more photos to come” on the listing. Then, a week later, adding the new photos.

This does the home sale a real injustice. Buyers often give the home just one look and they will think “what are they trying to hide” when there is one photo. They’ve passed it by and it drops down on the list as new homes come in. It’s very important to put your best foot forward. Buyers in Horizon West often want the illusion that the house has never been lived in, fulfill that dream by making the house clean. Also, remove bold choices like colors that are not neutral and wallpaper.

If you’re unable to change the colors or the pallet of the home make it clear to the selling agent that you will be willing to give a painting concession to the buyer. An example of this is this bathroom will cost $500 to repaint we will credit the buyer that price. If a room or area of the house Has bold choices, while I think you should have entire photographs of the entire home-leaving one or two out cause of paint or they are not ready to be photographed isn’t a bad thing. Remember, kitchens and primary (master) bedrooms/baths sell homes.

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How much do you get for selling a house?

It is customary for buyer’s agents and seller’s agents to share a total of 6% commission-make sure your listing agent is not shortchanging the buyer’s agent-this is where reading the not-so-fine print will help-it’s in your listing contract. In addition, the seller pays for closing costs of owners’ title policy, settlement fees, and Doc Stamps with the county to approximately an additional (just under) 2% on average.

Is it worth it to sell your own home?

I can’t fault someone for thinking that they can be a professional at something they’ve never approached before. (I joke) Would you have ever tried to cut your own hair for the prom? However, I’ve seen sellers attempt to navigate a sale blindly. One slip-up can cost more than a Commission rate and not knowing even the terms for example the difference between an inspection and an appraisal can cost you much-needed time. And money. If you do not have representation, you literally do not have anyone navigating the twists and looking out for what’s to come. Additionally, what makes an offer strong price, cash, terms? These items are what a Realtor can tell you.

You may want to FSBO (For Sale By Owner) but most buyers have already committed to an agent. This means you, as the seller, will have no one to negotiate for you and the buyer’s agent will have a fiduciary responsibility to no one else but their customer. Not you. Once you have signed that contract, written by the buyer’s agent– if it turns out not to be right for you- you will be locked in. Also, for your safety and protection, it helps to have the buyer’s agent preview or “qualify” your potential buyers first. Only a novice agent would take out a buyer they have not had preapproved for a loan.

What should I do to my house before I sell it?

Before you can list your Horizon West home it has to be ready to sell meaning it should be C.A.N. Clean available and neutral colors. While this seems simple many sellers don’t prepare their homes. You may be too personally connected to the home to decide what has to go and what has to stay but it’s important that the home is not cluttered because cluttered makes the house look too small. Dark colors also make the home look too small. But the key is to not ignore problems. A simple light bulb out might give a buyer the impression that is it not just a bulb but the fixture or an electrical situation deeper in the house.

While representing the buyer, I showed a million-dollar home with 17 bulbs out. My buyer did not have any competition for their offer-its does not give you a great feeling to buy a house with dark rooms or flashing bulbs. We got the home a list price and replaced the bulbs during the inspection. If you, as a seller, want multiple offers you must make sure everything you are selling WORKS! Another item that shows up on inspections is sealing calk in baths make sure these are fresh and white (or color-matched). Buyers want the impression that the home has never been lived in, “rode hard and put away wet” homes do not get the sale price they deserve. Also, put away your personal items, you are not for sale it’s your house.

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Should I have an Open House?

Open houses in Horizon West work best when the house is vacant. If you have left the property I would request your agent have an open house, if you are still living in the Horizon West home the risk of theft and damage is too high. Additionally, don’t hang around for showings. Be available to answer questions by phone but not the center of attention.

How much equity should I have in my home before selling?

The amount of equity you need in your Horizon West before you sell it is a very personal decision. You have to remember that the average down payment on a new home is going to be 20% (less for VA Loans and FHA). The more you put down, the lower your payments. You will need to look at what your expenses will be at closing, the current interest rates, and the costs associated with moving.

While I don’t like to give tax advice (taxes are subjective), check with your accountant and see if he/she recommends you sell at this time. In my case, when I sold my house at an $80,000 gain, I had no tax liability because I owned the house, as a primary residence, for over two years. Many sellers assume they will have to pay taxes on the gains. However, check with your accountant, to find out if this will work for your finances.

Should I sell my home to a company?

To consider selling your home to a buyer or clearinghouse you must remember that they are going to resell your home immediately. They need to buy your house at a price where they can immediately sell it and pay commissions. The clearinghouse (buyer) needs to make a profit too- that’s the purpose. The benefit you as the seller is you get funds quickly in your hand to make your decision on another home but it may not be the one that could bring you the most funds. In my opinion, to obtain market value for the resale of your home-they have to buy your house below market value.

Additionally, many of these clearinghouse home buyers will give you a good price on the phone but then on further inspection of your home reduce the offer when you’ve already signed a contract. They will tell you this when you contact them. I suggest speaking to a Horizon West Realtor® who will bring you the comps (recent sales) in your area and give you an idea of what your home can sell for. Additionally, they will offer advice on what to do to get the best price.

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What is the best way to sell my home?

Search out an agent who knows the Horizon West area. Make sure you have an agent that represents both buyers and sellers. They will know what buyers are looking for and what sellers need to do to meet those needs. Someone who lives in the community not just because of their knowledge of the community but because if they have a customer that needs to see the home swiftly they can escort them. Don’t allow your agent to show your Horizon West home without someone else in attendance either the seller’s agent or the buyer’s agent. Don’t shortchange your house by leaving questions unanswered.

For example, if you’ve had a leaky bathtub on the second floor that left a stain on the ceiling of the first floor it is imperative that you paint that entire ceiling so that the stain cannot be seen. This does not mean that you don’t disclose it but it removes the concern. many sellers have found that having a pre-listing inspection can be a double-edged sword. Having an inspection lets you know every issue with the home that will be found out by the buyer’s inspection. The downside is that if you find something severe that needs to be addressed you will most likely have to reveal it to the buyer.

But if you have a sterling report. SHOW IT OFF! It may prevent the buyer from having their own inspection which will remove one contingency. Time is equally important to price in any marketplace. It is vital that you have the home available to see with no or limited restrictions. If you place a home on the market but you aren’t allowing showings for whatever reason the clock is ticking and buyers will be concerned “what the problem is.” Buyers look at the time on the market and judge the home by it.


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