One of the key features that I consistently get asked for as a relator is “Can I find a home where I can see fireworks from my backyard?” The answer is absolutely yes!

Last year I was looking for just the same thing. I wanted to have a backyard with one of the best features of living so close to Disney.

It just requires a little bit of knowledge of the area and logistics but seeing is believing. Unfortunately for me I moved in about 2 weeks before Covid hit and the Disney parks closed.

Hopes of Fireworks

Now that the parks have re opened and the hopes of fireworks are returning it can be difficult to prove that you can see the fireworks so you really have to go by your own knowledge of the area.

In the past with customers, I would go out to the individual community and set up a camera to show them the fireworks at night. This was helpful when they’re not in town as otherwise we would do it together.

Best Communities To See Disney Fireworks

There are some really wonderful communities where you can see fireworks from your backyard! These would be located in Winter Garden, Windermere, and Orlando. However, some of my buyers in places like Clermont can also see fireworks from if not their home, in their community .

Some of these communities are:

The community of Watermark includes an observation deck in their community center, from which residents can go to the second floor and look out to the fireworks each night. So if you can’t see Fireworks from your individual house In many cases you can see it from observation areas in the community

Recently I had the joy of a customer posting a video of the fireworks that they saw from the very own home that was in Winter Garden. Winter Garden is located immediately west of Disney World. You can access Winter Garden by Western Way located near Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

Watching Fireworks From Horizon West

Another section of Clermont is called Horizon West. From certain vantage points you could see directly into the Magic Kingdom. For example, from one builder I can see Spaceship Earth and from another community I can see the Grand Floridian Resort and The Contemporary Resort. There’s even one community where you can see the very tip of Cinderella’s castle!

My View Of The Fireworks

I love telling people about my experience living near Disney World. When I go out on my lanai which overlooks a pond in the mornings, I listen to the ferry boat whistles as they cross the seven seas lagoon. At night I hear the music of the Electrical Water Pageant as it traverses the seven seas lagoon.

Once the construction of Tron is finished, I am told I will be able to hear the Walt Disney World Railroad as it in circles the Magic Kingdom. Finding a home near Disney where you can experience Disney from your backyard has always been a dream of mine which I am thrilled I was able to make happen.


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