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What I Appreciate About Doctor Phillips


My Buyers enjoy Dr. Phillips because it is not one city but Multiple cities nestled between everything Central Florida is known for and has something for everyone. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, at Disney theme park fan, a parent or someone who simply enjoys a nice evening out Dr. Phillips has something for you.

The name is derived from Florida citrus magnet/landowner Philip Phillips (His holdings included what is now Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Country Club,  Orange Tree,  Sand Lake Hills, and Turkey Lake)  who was responsible for several innovations in the processing and packaging of orange juice.

The area of Dr. Phillips West of sea world and North of Disney world.  Providing easy and swift access to all three parks. Championship golf courses are located throughout the Dr. Phillips area, and if you’re someone who enjoys a night on the town then Dr. Phillips is the place for you.

Dr. Phillips is home to the well-known restaurant row located in the heart of Dr. Phillips along with that a family has Swift access to a variety of shopping areas along Sandlake including Trader Joes and Whole Foods market.  

My buyers have given strong reports on the schools in the area and you can click here for further information on the schools.

Dr. Phillips is bordered by the I-4 a man access which stretches to TAMPA and up to Daytona Beach. 

The variety of Dr. Philips makes the area special for all interests.   My buyers appreciate the quiet areas of  Dr. Phillip, the activity of the Parks, the relaxation of Golf, and a nice place to enjoy an evening either at home or a private booth. 

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