Top Reasons To Buy In The Over 55 Community Of The Palms At Serenoa

Top Reasons To Buy In The Over 55 Community Of The Palms At Serenoa

As one of the up and coming over 55 communities in Central Florida, The Palms at Serenoa has so much to offer folks who are heading into their golden years. Today I’m going to discuss just a few of the best reasons to buy at the Palms at Serenoa in Clermont, Fl.

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They say its Location, Location Location. But here at The Palms at Serenoa that is all the more true! Just minutes from Disney and with the proposed connection road to Orange County you will be even closer.  But more than Disney you have swift access to the I-4, Clermont’s variety of shopping, and the activities of Lake County, world-renowned golf and Margaritaville, and the New Flamingo Crossing. 

More Competitive HOA Fees

When you combine HOA fees with the CDD (I want to do a video on both) The Palms at Serenoa is approximately $100 less per month than other over 55 communities.  While still providing top of the line features.

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What You Get For Your HOA Fees

A gated community with a brand-new amenity center that includes you gym, court games including Bocce and Pickleball, an Outdoor fireplace with seating, banquet facilities Theater room, and a zero-entry pool along with covered eating areas where you can enjoy the Florida sun in the shade.

The community itself has well-manicured lawns that are maintained by the HOA and for our four-legged friend’s accessible gated dog parks.

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The Views

The community is designed to make the most of Florida’s location with conservation views and waterfront/pond views along with walking trails and sidewalks.

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The Included Features

My buyers often tell me that a long sales process, that includes selecting every – single – item and the sticker shock that includes countertops start at Granite or Quartz, 8’ doors, Stainless steel appliances, smart home features.

Upfront Straight Forward Pricing

By packaging the options as basic or upgrade the buyer knows their price at the contract-you are NOT in for sticker shock down the road at the design center- The Palms at Serenoa does not have a design center.

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It’s New

The benefit of a new community is that everyone is meeting for the first time.  You and your neighbors are “in the same boat”. Making it easier to get to know each other.


There are 7 different single-family models to choose from in addition to one villa (a villa shares a common wall with your neighbor.  At closing, you can pick your elevation (which is the design of your house front. See my YouTube playlist below to take a look at some of the fine choices at Palms of Serenoa.


Palms at Serenoa is one of my personal favorites and comes highly recommended as a place to buy if you are looking for a wonderful retirement community near Disney World.

4 Benefits of Living in a 55+ Community in Florida

4 Benefits of Living in a 55+ Community in Florida

Florida is one of the best places to live in the USA, especially if you are age 55 years or over. Not just that, many communities cater to citizens of age 55 years, and the best thing is that its main aim is to provide housing to citizens of and over the age of 55.

If you are someone who is looking to move to a 55+ community, then you must read the following before you make your final decision:

1. Age Restricted

We like most about these communities because the community is age-restricted and you will find your fellow mates of the same age. There will be no chaos caused by kids, or any such parties that might disturb you. You will be able to live in peace and all others of your age in a community will feel at home.

The peace will allow you to sip your cup of tea by the pool, reading your newspaper without being interrupted by children, teens, or even adults.

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2. Activities

After retirement people of this age normally have a lot of time at hand, and even if you haven’t retired, your family might be busy dealing with their daily lives and you might be getting bored. In this case, in a 55+ community, you will be open to opportunities and activities that will keep you occupied, and you will have fun with your age mates.

What we like most about these communities is that you will never feel left out, it will be centered on your needs and wants.

3. Near Beaches and Disney World

Have you ever dreamed of spending an afternoon by a peaceful beach where you sit and soak in the warmth of the sun? Or like most kids, you also have a wish to visit Disney World as a child, but you could not fulfill your dream? Now is the time. What else can you ask for?

The 55+ community in Florida is near Disney land and many beaches that allow you easy access without traveling a lot (definitely a pro) and fulfilling your lifetime dream! Don’t miss out on these opportunities while you can still avail yourself of them. Mark all the tickboxes that you could not do earlier.

4. Buying a New Home Has its Perks

When we live with a big family, we cannot make many changes in the home. For example, you can’t paint the house the color of your choice. However, once you buy your own house in a 55+ community it will all be as you say. You will be able to furnish the house as you please, paint the walls yellow even if your family didn’t like earlier and have the chance to own the house and not just buy it. It’s a pleasure doing so.

Living over 55 in Florida is one of the best things you could do for yourself once you approach the age of 55.

Flamingo Crossings Development in Winter Garden FL

Flamingo Crossings Development in Winter Garden FL

Though everything is completely shuttered because of the global pandemic, it looks like Disney is taking a step forward in construction at Flamingo Crossings.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, on April 30th, a notice was filed to commence the construction of new buildings.

The permits for the construction do highlight the locations where work will be carried out and Flamingo Crossings is one of them. 

It is said that it will feature a retail hub that will comprise 250,000 sq. ft. having more than 50 storefronts.

Construction and Addition of Restaurants

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co., a Five Below store, several restaurants, and hotels were revealed by Disney world which is expected to be a part of this new development. Besides, nearly 2,000 guest rooms are being included in the currently open suites, which are SpringHill Suites and TownPlace Suites by Marriot. 

As per resources, it is said that Disney has announced that Hampton Inn is expected to complete in 2021, taking the Flamingo Crossings to 1750 rooms. Moreover, four other hotels, namely Fairfield and Residence Inn by Marriott and Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites by Hilton, are under construction.

Realtor Victor Nawrocki says “Flamingo Crossing is the cornerstone of the booming Horizons West area. A new over 55 community is just breaking ground. There are six other communities, with a variety of family-friendly features, within minutes featuring single-family homes and townhomes. All within the glow of Disney World.”

According to the Orlando Business Journal, Target announced that they will have their next store at Flamingo Crossings. And not just that, many other businesses and food chains, including Dunkin Donuts, PDQ, a UPS store, Wendy’s, Domino’s, Sushi and Walgreens, Firehouse Subs, and Ellie Lou’s Brews & BBQ, are also stepping here.

Disney said, “These brands will join a stellar lineup of previously announced shops and restaurants including Target, which will serve as the primary anchor, PDQ, Five Guys, Ben & Jerry’s and Dunkin’. Walgreens is also currently under construction on an outparcel.”

Lodging at the West of Disney

Disney is also planning construction at the west of the resort, which shows its commitment to unique placemaking. It will be a tourist-commercial district outside the entrance of Disney.

This development is comparable to the size of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The early development plans include 4,000 to 5,000 lodging units, which will be value-priced, and the commercial space will consist of 300,000 – 500,000 square feet. 

Designed at the gateway around the interchange, this development will become a convenience for Cast members, Central Florida Visitors, and nearby residents. However, the whole project will be completed in phases and will take over the next 8-10 years.

Good News for Students

Finally, many campus-style housings are under the plan for students who participate in the Internships and College Program set by Disney. Furthermore, another project is being started by American Campus Communities, which includes building houses for around 10,400 college students. You can learn more at The first phase of these projects has opened in 2020, and the whole project will be completed by mid-2023. 

Moreover, other 1,300 apartments are in line for the area.

Florida Relocation : Why, Where and How You Should Move

Florida Relocation : Why, Where and How You Should Move

If you have ever visited Florida, you might’ve considered at least once to move there permanently. Well, you are not the only one to think that.

Florida’s no tax policy, its beautiful sandy beaches, year-round warm weather, affordable living costs, intense sports culture, and ample entertainment facilities have been luring people who are looking for a vibrant place to call home.

Through this article, I am going to tell you why relocation to Florida is a good idea, why people are flocking here even during the COVID-19 outbreak, and which cities you should consider first while you are moving to Florida. So, let’s begin!

Reasons Why People Are Moving to Florida 

Maybe you just want to live in a warmer place, or you got a new job in a new state, or you are just trying to leave close to America’s most famous beaches- each has their purpose for relocating to a new place. While every purpose is unique, here are some of the specific reasons why more and more people are moving to Florida.

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1. Warm & Sunny Weather

Ever wonder why so many people are moving to Florida? The obvious answer is the warm and sunny weather. Among the 365 days each year, more than 200 of them are sunshine filled. Other than the hot and humid summer season, the rest of the Florida seasons tend to be mostly mild and warm.

In fact, those who live in the southern part of Florida will most likely go the entire year without even putting on a sweater. With all these warm and sunny days, Florida residents spend more time outside enjoying themselves, which boosts their physical and mental health.

2. Beautiful Beaches

Florida is home to some of America’s most famous and visually stunning beaches. These beaches have made Florida one of the most famous vacation spots in the USA. Some of the notable beaches here include Delray, Clearwater, Sarasota Siesta Public Beach, Miami Beach, Panama City, and many more. In fact, TripAdvisor awarded the Sarasota Siesta Public Beach as the best beach in the entire United States.

The State of Florida offers more than you can ever imagine. Whether you want to spend your time on the soft and pearl white sandy beaches soaking up the sun and enjoying the soothing sound of the ocean waves, or you are looking for some fun activities like sandcastles, or dolphins, or searching for some thrilling water sports like surfing, you can find it all along the scenic coastline of Florida.  

3. Living Cost in Florida Won’t Break the Bank

The average living cost in Florida is slightly higher than the national average. The national average cost of living in the USA is listed as 100% while the average living cost in Florida is 102.8%. Only 2.8% higher which is almost negligible. 

For example, the average house cost in the United States is around 231,200 USD whereas the average house cost in Florida is around 237,000 USD, which is not a dramatic increase. 

Living costs in Florida might be a little high but it is much more affordable compared to a lot of other states in the country. With all the things Florida has to offer, a little extra living cost will not be a deal-breaker for anyone who is deciding to relocate here. 

4. Plenty of Entertainment Facilities

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When you are in Florida, there is no shortage of things to do here. Thanks to the warm and sunshine-filled 200 plus days, the residents here spend a lot of their time outdoors enjoying themselves. 

One of the favorite activities of the residents is relaxing in the pearl white and soft sandy beaches of Florida. As mentioned before, Florida is home to some of the most famous beaches in the United States. 

Other than enjoying the soothing sound of the ocean waves and basking in the sunshine all year round, residents can also partake in water activities like swimming, surfing, boating, scuba diving, fishing that can be found along the 1200 miles long natural coastal area of Florida.

Florida is also famous for its nightlife. Cities like Miami, Orlando have dozens of world-class restaurants, and clubs with some of the best entertainers in the USA that residents can enjoy. 

Florida has some of the world’s best theme parks like Disney World, The Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld. And when you are relocating to the sunshine state, you are within arm’s reach from the world of fun and entertainment.

5. Intense Sports Culture

Florida is considered the sports capital in the United States. The sunshine state is home to two NBA teams, three NFL teams, and two MLB baseball teams. So, if you are a hardcore sports fan, moving to Florida will feel like you are in heaven.

6. No State Income Tax

Florida is among the seven states in the USA that do not collect any individual income tax from their residents. And this is not going to change in the foreseeable future.  This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are moving to Florida. No income tax makes up for the higher living cost in Florida and allows people to save more money for vacations, and fun activities.

Why are People Moving to Florida Even During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the United States’ economy. Every industry, every business has suffered a significant blow due to the pandemic, some even leading to bankruptcy. The same is also true for the real estate industry. But surprisingly Florida’s real estate market has seen significant growth during the COVID-19 outbreak.

People are flocking to Florida for various reasons. The first one is the low population density of Florida. During the pandemic, the US government imposed strict laws of social distancing to control the spread of the virus. And, low density means there is more space for people to get away from the virus. 

On top of that, the pandemic has forced people to work from home. So, there is no reason for them to live in a high-priced and cold-weather city like New York. Florida’s no state tax policy, low-interest rate, warm weather, and affordable living cost is attracting thousands of people to relocate from the northern part of the country like New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey during this COVID-19 outbreak. 

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Best Places to Live in Florida

Here are some of the best cities to live in that you should consider when it comes to relocating to Florida. 


The city of Miami is one of the major cities in Florida with a total population of 4,20,000. This city has a diverse, colorful, and energetic culture along with world-class restaurants, clubs, entertainment facilities, warm weather all year round, and visually stunning, pristine beaches that both the residents and visitors love.


Tampa is one of the largest cities in Florida with a population of 3,50,000. This city has a lower living cost compared to cities like Miami or Orlando, it also has great medical care infrastructure and some of the high performing schools in Florida. All these make this city perfect for singles and families alike.


The city of Orlando is also called the Theme Park Capital of the World. It is home to the world’s greatest theme parks like Disney World, The Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld. 

The public education system and healthcare infrastructure of the city are some of the best in Florida and while the living cost is surprisingly affordable. So, if you want to live near Disney World, this city might be perfect for you.


Florida is an excellent place to establish your new home if you are looking for a place to move. The great whether, beautiful beaches, affordable living costs – all make it an excellent place to stay. By now, hopefully, you’ve understood why relocation to Florida might be a good idea. 

Thank you for having the patience of going through the entire article. Have a great day!


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