Over 55 Communities in Central Florida


Many of Central Florida’s best over 55 communities have been designed by award-winning developers and cater to the specific needs of active adults.

Although each community is unique, they excel at providing residents with an affordable, comfortable, and active lifestyles in an affordable residential setting that offers a variety of on-site amenities. What we are talking about here is a lifestyle, not just a place for you to live!

You can live the best of life and surround yourself with others who want to enjoy similar retirement years in a secure environment regardless of how small your savings may be.

The Atlantic Ocean beaches are about 90 minutes away from Central Florida retirement communities and about 40 minutes away from the Gulf. Despite its name, the central region of Florida stretches from north to south, excluding all of the coasts.

Great theme parks can be found here. Living here may be less expensive than along the coast. You may have so many amenities and activities that you will not miss being at the Coast, depending on the community.  Classic retirement communities are offered by major builders here because the cost of living in the area is lower than most.

Check out my interview here with Resort Loop! We discuss communities near Disney World that are built with the 55+ community in mind.

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